Our secret. We look for candidates who are not looking for a job.

The Job Shop believes bringing the right talent to the right opportunity is more than just a matching exercise. Evaluating candidates beyond the surface requires experience, intuition and assessment that goes beyond the typical interview questions.

We try to get into the mindset of each candidate: why are you here, what motivates you to look elsewhere, what really makes you happy or excited in work and life. Everything leads to: who are you, not just what are your skills, years of experience and education.

The Job Shop was built from an idea as the leading force in the creative search industry for the last 35 years. Our goal is to help your brand transition, we don’t find employees for your company - we find talent and leaders who will fly high with you.

Our executive search process is a well thought out 5-point process benefitting and safeguarding both, the client and candidates interest.

1. Client Brief

The first step in the executive search process is understanding the client’s hiring needs. We dive deep into the brief about the brand, candidate and experience requirements, whilst also advising on industry based compensations for the role. Reaching a good level of understanding and trust with the client, we draw up a profile for the perfect candidate - a crucial element built from client input. Creating a profile is to make sure our understanding is aligned and match our client’s specific needs and desired profile.

2. Distilled Role-based talent search

Our process identifies target companies and candidates with specific brand experience that our clients think would be a good fit. With an intimate understanding of job performance and corresponding metrics, we are able to identify potential leads within our database and network, which has been built over the decades.

We will then identify talent from our proprietary network developed from our years of experience along with additional research via social media & relevant industries.

3. Summarised profile sharing and introduction

Screening and digital interview determines whether a candidate would be the right fit among a wide selection of metrics like personality, industry experience, job history, individual contribution in projects, skillset and more.

The first list of ideal candidates is introduced along with highlights of each candidate, their desired compensation, a short view of their job history and our assessment highlighting positives and potential negatives.

4. Interviews & Paperwork

Arranging and coordinating the interviews on behalf of our client. Providing the candidate with the necessary information regarding the interviewee and any other job role specifications.

Before our client is ready to make an offer, we collate all the necessary salary & personal documents from the shortlisted candidate. Inform and create an understanding of compensation expectations with both, the client and candidate. Advise and facilitate the negotiation process to reach a positive acceptance where both client and candidate are positive.

As a respectful gesture we try our best to always provide feedback to the candidates who were not shortlisted and continue to build on the candidate relationship.

5. Post recruitment management

After the candidate has started working for the client, we continue to stay in touch with both candidate and client to make sure there is a smooth adjustment period. If there are any issues on either side, we will participate as needed to assist.